For our Client, leading supplier of electronics devices applied in automotive and home appliances sectors, we are looking for:


Job description:
• Responsible for executing and tracking tests performance.
• Conducting usability testing on a wide range of electronic devices.
• Coordinating full lifecycle testing of a newly launched and already existing applications.
• Testing integration of existing application with other systems and services.
• Performing system analysis and suggesting its re-development if necessary.
• Confirming required standards for new products with internal testing team.
• Coordinating integration of designed modules with the project’s platform.
• Writing validation requirements to estimate the system configuration.
• Ensuring development, coding, testing and monitoring of critical issues.
• Performing samples verification against all testing reports and standards to make sure products for MP match testing standards.
• Collecting and verifying available testing reports of the required standards from suppliers and internal testing teams.
• Cooperating with customers in the area o configuration, testing and troubleshooting.
• Handling with various aspects of software design such as requirement analysis, coding, testing and monitoring critical issues.
• Supervising work of testing team.

Candidate’s profile:
• Good English knowledge (at least B level).
• Knowledge about analog and digital electronic circuits.
• Familiarity with analysis and problem solving on functional test equipments.
• Knowledge of optical inspection system (ex. Dalsa Shelock).
• Good knowledge of Visual Studio environment (.net, VB, C#).
• Basic knowledge of SQL database.
• Knowledge of National Instruments platform.
• Basic knowledge of Labview program.
• Basic knowledge of TestStand program.

Job location: Poland, Upper Silesia

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