Attilio Altomonte


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Attilio Altomonte is the Founder and President of Consea.

After he graduated in Political Science at the University of Turin, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Staff Organisation and Management and later collaborated with ISPER (Institute of Staff Management, Turin) dealing with recruitment, training and organisational consulting.

He has been the Chief of Staff of L’Oréal Saipo, the well-known French cosmetics company, and the Director of Organisational Development of ITT-IAO, an American industrial group operating in the sector of automotive parts.

In 1975, he founded Consea. Now he is involved in the  projects of customer companies  and coordinates specific industry’s areas, such as: fashion&retail, consumer goods. He leads headquarters in Italy, China, Poland and Brasil. He also collaborates with some Italian entrepreneurial companies, multinational corporations and investment funds.

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