Highly specialized skills and a solid experience at the base of Consea’s international Executive Search in Fashion&Retail

Consea Fashion&Retail was founded in 2009 following Consea’s success in the Chinese market, with the aim to meet the demand from prestigious customers through a service exclusively focusing on this industry.
Consea’s Executive Search calls on to a context characterized by peculiar dynamics which absolutely requires highly specialized skills for it extends to companies in sectors such as of clothing and accessories, watches and jewelry or furniture, and luxury and premium brands who seek industrial, staff, sales and marketing professional figures.

Today, this division includes one team per each office, both in Italy and in the rest of the world. Each team consists of expert consultants with extensive knowledge of the market trends and of the main profiles available in each industry.

Part of the staff specializes in retail, a sector in which Consea has longtime and established expertise, both nationally and internationally, in the research of various positions in the management area.

Passion for Fashion

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