Market research and local knowledge for a comprehensive and targeted Executive Search

Consea Industrial is the first Consea division ever founded.

Founded in Turin in 1975, Consea Industrial supports companies in the selection of the best resources available for industrial sector, particularly in the automotive industry and in sectors such as the electromechanical, plant design and white goods one.

Over the years, Consea Industrial has seen an ever-growing success and considerably increased the number of its offices to geographically cover all of the main centres of industrial development, both in Italy and internationally.

Thanks to the experiences and skills gained with constant upgrading in the reference markets, over time Consea Industrial has also developed an ever more complex and complete identity. By successfully expanding the research focus, from exclusively managing roles to middle management profiles, Consea’s Executive Search starts from a selection in the field of operations including later staff figures.

People are the true soul of Consea Industrial. Each team is located in different international centers and consists of qualified and efficient professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the local culture and dynamics in which they operate.

Passion for Efficiency

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