It’s no coincidence that one of the latest American blockbuster that gave life to an extended movie production saga, known all over the world, has been called “Fast and Furious”.

Even if you are not a fan, I certainly am not, we all can associate this movie to money, competition and, of course, speed.

After years of economic weakness, the labor market in USA is in the middle of its fullness and richness, and the competition is very high. Unemployment rate decrease down to 4.4% (source: Bureau of Labor StatisticsEurostat 08/2017), it means full occupation.

What does it imply for the Recruitment business?

If you want to hire the best talent in the market, where competition is dramatically high, especially for the foreign companies in US, you need to be Furious, Fast and Attractive.

What does it mean?

  • Furious – Once you worked ahead on your recruitment plan, and you have all the stakeholders aligned, go straight to your objective and spread the word. Make sure you have the best partner to help you in the recruitment process. At Consea Executive Search, we are always at your full disposal!
  • Fast – Once you identified the right talent, it’s time to bring this person on-board. No time to waste, since the applicant may not be available for a long time. When you are indecisive, there is another recruiter that is contacting your hi-po and introducing an offer. And after all this effort, we are quite sure this is not what you want, right?
  • Attractive – US corporations can offer very interesting compensation, full benefits with good retention packages. Be sure that, whether you can’t be competitive on money side, you have something more to offer, such as: vertical growth, career development or international assignments opportunities. Ambition don’t always is the enemy!
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