Consea Industrial was born in Turin in 1975, and is the first Consea division. Francesco Altomonte, the manager, tells us about it.

In a 40 – year – work, what do you think are the changes and what are the pillars?

40 years ago, Consea Industrial was only in Turin, and its activity was exclusively addressed to automotive companies, either multinational or not. Now
this division is still addressed mainly to the automotive field, but we have expanded our action range to similar market fields such as, for example, the
industrial field of boilers long – lasting goods, or fields such as the white one, in which our expertise is requested. But while in the past our
candidates were focused only on this sector, now, on the other hand, they see an interesting solution also in different fields.

When we opened our foreign location, Consea Industrial was almost the totality of these locations: despite being the core of Consea Group
and the start-up for the other branches, other divisions have joined the original one.

To what companies is Consea Industrial addressed?

Consea Industrial is addressed for 60% to automotive companies, of Piemonte but also of other regions such as Emilia Romagna, Lombardia and Veneto.

Besides, we work not only with suppliers but also with OEM, and this has allowed us to gain a broader vision. The remarkable added value is 40% of our
customers, consisting of companies operating in different fields than automotive, such as machining,long – lasting materials, luxury, but requiring
professional figures with our expertise.

In what territories and cities, both Italian and foreign, is Consea Industrial operating?

Consea Industrial was born on Turin, Milan and Bologna areas, and it has been addressed to central – Northern Italy market ever since. We are operating
also in North – Eastern Italy, because in this area, as well as in Emilia Romagna, there are family owned businesses needing managers who come from more
structured companies. Out of Italy, we are focused on Asia, particularly on China, on Poland, to which we aimed our services for the components fields,
and, even if in a secondary way, on Czech Republic and Slovakia. Besides we are remarkably aimed at Brazil and Mexico, where professional figures coming
from the industrial field are valued.

To what professional figures is Consea Industrial’s Executive Search addressed and what kind of knowledge and peculiarities do the profiles you search

The profiles we search are mainly plant managers or more technical figures ranging from the technologies field to industrialization and quality, or taking
care of making production lines efficient. Our candidates must have strong technical skills, Consea Industrial is in fact marked out by a scarce personnel
turnover and gives the opportunity to participate in international projects.

Where do you see Consea Industrial in the next years?

We are moving toward the 4.0 factory, an industrial model which substitutes traditional automation with a digitalized automation which excellent companies
such as Bosch and Siemens have already acquired since a long time.

Besides we want to address our activity more and more to those fields not closely related to the automotive world, but in need of our expertise, with the
goal of aiming both at those fields and at automotive in an almost equal way.

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