Interview with Attilio Altomonte

On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the Consea foundation, we have had a brief interview with Attilio Altomonte–its Founder and President–to learn more about the evolution of the company from the very beginning up to today, and have a preview on its future projects.

  • Mr Altomonte, as the founder of Consea, what is the idea which inspired you to open an Executive Search practice in the area of Turin?

The idea was born during my first professional experience at the ISPER–the Institute of Personnel Management of Turin. It became reality while I was working as a manager-employee at ITT-IAO–one of the first American multinationals to open their headquarters in Italy in the ’70s. This experience gave me an opportunity to explore the culture of management in more depth, apply innovative management methods and, above all, discover the major international head hunting practices in Milan.

Consea was founded precisely in Turin, in order to keep us in a close contact with the Italian headquarters of ITT, our very first customer.

  • Which are the most important qualities for a head hunter today compared to the times when Consea was founded?

Certainly, some features such as as our passion, curiosity, determination, problem-solving and interpersonal skills and high specialization have remained unchanged since now. However, whilst in the past we had a relatively small number of customers who ensured a satisfactory volume of commissions, later on –after the 2008-09 recession– we decided to expand our existing contacts in the market. This forced head hunters to develop stronger trade promotion skills nonethelesss the ability to adapt to very different business and organisational contexts.

  • Compared to 40 years ago, markets today are much faster and interconnected. Globalization has essentially changed the world of work. Instead, what has changed the managers research at Consea and which company features you have not given up on?

Today we can make use of powerful online tools and social networks that have made the ways of recruitment much faster than before.

We haven’t given up on the close partnership with our customers and we still represent a benchmark, especially for the Italian managers working abroad and the Italian companies that have embarked on an internationalisation process.

  • How do you imagine Consea in the coming years?

As we said, the world of work is evolving at an ever increasing pace and head hunting agencies must have great flexibility in adapting to changes. Consea is deeply rooted into the mechanisms of the market and extremely receptive towards new trends. This is why we are able to keep pace with times and even to anticipate the change. Our goal is to extend our areas of specialization in new fields such as for example pharmaceutics, and to be even more active on markets thanks to our new headquarters worldwide.

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