Executive Search

Consea supports their customers from the preliminary definition of the profile of the ideal candidate, identifying both the professional skills and the individual personal characteristics required, to the actual head-hunting process. This second phase includes many stages such as a careful research conducted with utmost confidentiality within a target list of highly qualified company profiles, fully compatible with the requirements of the customer: the formulation of a clear and appealing proposal, the direct contact with the candidates and the negotiation, the selection of the most suitable profiles.

To carry out this second phase in a targeted manner, as well as in emergency situations which do not allow long and formal procedures, Consea uses a wealth of information, the result of decades of experience, and an extensive and reliable network of contacts, as well as tools such as ads on the company website and on the top specialized sites, along with online research and direct calls.

Young Talent Assessment

One of the keys to the success of a company lies in the employment of young resources, which can ensure a constant supply of innovative ideas and offer diverse perspectives to make it stand out in terms of creativity, dynamism, initiative and enthusiasm. Consea identifies and selects the best young talents. It examines their potential as future managers based on their personal inclinations and skills. It directs them to the professional development paths more suited to their profile. To do so, Consea uses its own Assessment Centre, which aims to assess the behavioral and aptitudinal features required to fill specific roles within the company, through the observation of the performance and behavior of candidates showed during both the individual and group structured tests.

Temporary management

Thanks to the company’s complex network of international contacts, Consea can select high-profile managers used to working in short-and medium-term goals. The use of highly qualified staff over the short term offers unquestionable advantages: an immediate use of specific highly skilled resources (only the time strictly needed),  as well as the ability to terminate the working relationship once the objectives established have been timely achieved.

Strategic Consulting

During the staff evaluation and selection stage, Consea stands out for the application of avantgarde psychological tests,  internationally recognized and scientifically proven to be valid and effective.

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